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Flavourtown Bakery

Just take one look through this shop window the next time you’re in Parsons Green, and you’ll see why Flavourtown is an award winning bakery. Think pink fluffy unicorns pooping rainbows, combined with the...


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Ahh Paris, what better city to visit during the most loved up time of the year: Valentine’s Day. Our stay here was short, but I adored it regardless- maybe because it is the city...

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Madame D

Spitalfields, another one of London’s up and coming areas that might bring words like ‘hipster’, ‘trendy’ or ‘swanky’ to mind. All three certainly came to mind when I entered Madame D’s, along with the...

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KERB’S Guiltiest Pleasures

Did you see my Instagram video? It pretty much summarised this event! Who cares if it’s raining and the atmosphere is a bit dull? KERB still came out valiantly to bring colour to the greyed...

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Japanese Sausages

Yeah, I’m covering food from the Far East again, it’s good stuff and I will never stop loving it! Today’s post needs to be shouted from the rooftops, because ever since this meaty marvel...

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Picture this: a beautiful Sunday afternoon, the sky is clear and blue despite the bitter winter chill… and you are ninety minutes late for a date (true story). You exit the station, your date...

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After a disappointing defeat at Chicago Rib Shack, we fancied some real meat, with a real bang for our pennies. It was a hot day too. So we went to Hotbox… Made perfect sense...

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Fortnum & Mason

Every Brit and tea lover should know the name Fortnum and Mason; renowned and revered as the upmarket tea selling label that no-one can afford. At least that’s what I thought. I couldn’t have...

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